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What Benefits Do We Offer?

01. Flexible Working Hours

We offer flexible working hours to every employee not in a key position, allowing you to ideally combine your career with your private life.

02. Flexible Vacation Time

You have five weeks of vacation per year at your disposal. If you show exceptional commitment, we will not set a limit on your vacation days.

03. Family-Friendly Company

Family comes first. We ensure family-friendly working hours and respect important events with short-term days off.

04. Home Office & Office

You are allowed to work from home at any time. If you prefer the office, you are warmly welcome at any of our centrally located sites.

05. Central & Modern Work Environment

All our locations are centrally located and equipped with top modern facilities. We offer everything the heart desires in our offices.

06. Support & Subsidies

Show us that you stand behind the company, and we will support and reward you for your effort.

Open Positions

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